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Text Box: Royce 650
Universal Bond Tester

• Motorized height controlled microscope that stays in focus as it moves.
• Ultra Fine Pitch (UFP) capable
• Image Capture Option, Field Upgradable
• World Language support
• Ribbon Bond testing for standard to high-power devices
• Die shear up to 200 kgf
• Robust test modules with range switching, on board calibration memory, and tool protection


Contact: Greg Heras,
Vice President of WW Sales and Marketing
Royce Instruments, Inc.

Email:  mailto:gheras@royceinstruments.com

Website: http://www.royceinstruments.com/

Text Box: New Product
The SWAM-Blaster® 
Conformal Coating
Removal Work Cell
Consisting of:
 SWAM-Blaster® Model MV-2
 Ionized Ergonomic Work Chamber
 Point Ionizer™ at Nozzle
 Dust Collector
All in one and mounted on casters for easy installation and work cell re-configuration.

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Contact: Ms. Chris Romeo
Crystal Mark Incorporated
Telephone: (818) 240-7520 x235

Email: chris@crystalmarkinc.com
Website: www.crystalmarkinc.com

Text Box: Falcon 5C
Multi Purpose System


This full-featured Conduction+Convection table top machine produces big results, and gives you exceptional value for your reflow dollar. Our patented design for balanced heating and cooling means low cost operations on production runs of substrates up to 5" by 5.75", and the 5/C's 400° C maximum heat will handle fluxless gold tin reflow

Contact:  Phil Skeen
Sales and Marketing
Office:  (805) 962-1000 ext  108
Email:  sales@sikama.com
Website: www.sikama.com


Text Box: NorCom 2020™
The Most Advanced Leak Test System Available


The NorCom 2020 provides automated in line, full matrix leak   testing of hermetically   sealed microelectronic and optoelectronic devices. It eliminates the need for helium mass spectroscopy and gross leak bubble testing by utilizing a patented laser interferometer to simultaneously measure gross and fine leaks in hermetic devices.

Contact: Chris Aubertin
Vice President & General Manager
Office Phone: (610)5920167 Ext 16
Email: caubertin@norcomsystemsinc.com
Website: www.norcomsystemsinc.com

Text Box: Model-5100 – Programmable
Vacuum / Pressure Furnace


The Model 5100 is a programmable vacuum and pressure furnace offered by SST International for production soldering of high
reliability electronic components. Advanced technology, provided by the system, allows users to create void-free solder joints without the use of flux.

The Model 5100 provides precise automatic control of heating and cooling ramp rates. This system allows for rapid heating up to 450 ºC and rapid cooling in an inert gas environment from vacuum levels below 10 millitorr to pressures
up to 40 psig. Machine control is provided by an embedded control system operating in a Microsoft Windows® environment. An unlimited number of process profiles can easily be created and stored in the controller.
An optional enhanced control system provides real-time profile graphing and data logging for quality control and offline data analysis. Process heating is provided over the entire work area by a close-coupled planar infrared heating element. Custom-machined locating fixtures may be ordered to use with the standard heated platen. An optional rapid cooling system can be provided to cool the process area while still under vacuum.

Contact: Bruce Wilson
Director of Sales and Marketing
SST International
(610) 451-0776

Email:  bwilson@sstinternational.com
Website:  www.sstinternational.com





























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